Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ exits closed beta, opens to the public with new features 92 - 100

Google+ has finally gone public, out of (relatively) closed beta, where it's resided since being introduced in late June.

In addition to the opening of Google+ to all, which Google called the 100th new feature added to the social networking service since Google opened it, Google added features 92 to 99.

Those were:

92. Hangouts on your phone

Hangouts, you might recall, are Google+'s video chats. You can have live video chats with a group as large as 10 deep. The new edition of the Google+ app, 1.0.7, released on Tuesday, adds joining hangouts from Android.

93. Hangouts On Air

Hangouts On Air is like a "public" hangout. You basically broadcast your hangout. As Google says, "The setup is simple enough: just start a normal hangout, and you’ll have the option to broadcast and record your session. Once you’re “On Air,” up to nine others can join your hangout (as usual), and anyone can watch your live broadcast."

Google also added that they will be hosting their very first On Air hangout with on Wednesday night, September 21.

94, 95, 96, 97. Hangouts with extras

These are more types of sharing features. These extras include:

Turn your mobile phone, tablet or laptop into a TVScreensharing: for when you want to show off your vacation photos, your high score, your lesson plan or whatever else is on your screen
Sketchpad: for when you want to draw, doodle, or just scribble together
Google Docs: for when you want to write, plan or present something with others
Named Hangouts: for when you want to join or create a public hangout about a certain topic (like fashion or music or sports...)

The extras are still in preview mode.

98. Hangouts APIs

Google has released a basic set of Hangouts APIs.

99. Search in Google+

This is one of the more requested features for Google+. Type what you want into the Google+ search box, and it will return relevant people and posts, as well as popular content from around the web.

And 100 was, as we noted, Google+ going public. As we've also noted before, we know quite a few people on Google+, but not that many of the non-public personas (meaning non-celebs) are sharing that much.

Whether or not Google+ becomes as relevant (and permanent) to folks as Facebook does remains to be seen.

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