Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Pegatron wins order for 10 million next-gen iPhones, units begin shipping to Apple in September

DigiTimes has reported that Pegatron has won an order for 10 million iPhone 5 units. Strangely, in early July, DigiTimes said that Pegatron had won an order for 15 million iPhone 5s.

120x90 - Unpublished Rate HotelsWe're now confused. Which is it, DigiTimes?

Either way, both reports had one thing in common: Pegatron would begin shipping those iPhone 5s in September. That points to an October launch possibly being in play. October has been bandied about of late as a launch date.

There's more evidence, as well: word is that Canadian carrier Telus will begin selling the iPhone 5 on Oct. 1. That's Canada, but Apple's practice of launching new devices in numerous regions at the same time would tend to confirm an Oct. 1 date for the U.S., as well.

Backup Unlimited PC'sPerhaps the most telling tidbit from this report is that it confirms more business for Pegatron. It was reported earlier that Pegatron had won an exclusive contract for the iPad 3, as Apple seems to be looking to diversify its manufacturing, away from Foxconn.

These are all release date rumors, and we still have the device rumors. iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Or both, with the iPhone 4S serving as a lower cost device for mid-level buyers? iPhone 3GS available for free with a contract? Maximum changes for the iPhone 5 or minimal changes?

No answers, yet.

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