Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anonymous member risks reprisal; leaves while criticizing group's leadership, actions

We've said before that Anonymous is a loosely knit group of hackers, and even the group itself admits it. The rank-and-file members don't always agree with everything the "leadership" does, and thus we have what is certainly not the first defection from the group, but perhaps the most public one since the group teamed with LulzSec on the AntiSec campaign.

NOD32 - Save 25% - Download NowSparkyBlaze, as he called himself during his time with Anonymous has left the group. His real name is Matthew, and he's from the U.K., Manchester, to be exact. His "farewell note" was posted to the same pastebin site that Anonymous itself uses for its "press releases."

He said,
So Over The Past Few Days I Have Been At A Cross road With Anonymous. Why? Because I Started To Think.

So When I Started With Anon I Thought I Was Helping People But Over The Past Few Months Things Inside Anon Have Changed. I Am Mostly Talking About AntiSec And LulzSec. They Both Go Against What I Stand For (And What Anonymous Says They Stand For). AntiSec Has Released Gig After Gig Of Innocent Peoples Information. For What? What Did They Do? Does Anon Have The Right To Remove The Anonymity Of Innocent People? They Are Always Talking About Peoples Right To Remain Anonymous So Why Are They Removing That Right?
What he's talking about is that Anonymous and LulzSec have leaked, in the name of campaigns such as AntiSec among others, information from sites such as,. Essentially, the people whose information was leaked were innocents. That is what Matthew is objecting to.

Internet Security Suite 2012In addition, Anonymous has leaked BART police information, and information from Arizona peace officers, as well. Whether or not these are innocents will depend on your point of view.

Matthew went further, accusing Anonymous higher-ups of ignoring the plight of rank-and-file members who were arrested.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012He said,
When Anons Were Arrested For DDoSing Paypal A While Back Was There A Mass Free Anon Operation?. Did They Put-Out Press Releases And Start Donations For Them?. No They Did One TV Interview And Fed Them To The Lions But When TopIary Was Arrested They Started #FreeTopIary We All Know He Is A "Higher Up" In Anon And They Started A Op For Him. You Think Those Donations Are Going To Topiary? Why Start A Op For Him? Well I Think It Is Because Of 2 Things:
  • Press (Anon Is The Biggest F*cking Media Whore I Have Ever Seen)
  • TopIary Is A Anon Who They Give A F*ck About
To be clear, Matthew says that not everything that Anonymous has done has been bad. He added,
I Am Not Saying Everything Anon Has Done Is Pointless Things Like Getting Internet To People When Governments Cut It Off I Support. I Am Just Saying Most Of It Isn't Helping Anyone And Is Just Getting Kids Arrested.
With that, Anonymous has also severed ties to SparkyBlaze. Commander X, one of the "higher ups" Matthew wrote of, and one who reportedly led the recent BART cyberattack, posted the following:
The hacker known to us as SparkyBlaze has been removed as a Member of the Peoples Liberation Front for insubordination and disrespect of Command Staff and disloyalty to the both the PLF and Anonymous. Having publicly disavowed both groups, this individual is no longer to be trusted by anyone in the movement.
Matthew's final statement:
My Name Is Matthew And I Live In The UK, Manchester And No I Wont Post My Address And Phone Numbers Because I Know I Will Have Pizzas And Prank Calls To My House (That In It's Self Is More Proof That You Are All Kids). If You Want To Know More Then By All Means Dox Me. Remove My Right To Remain Anonymous.
Doxing in this context would mean outing Matthew's actual identity to the world, and to authorities.

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