Saturday, July 16, 2011

Foxconn lands 10.1-inch tablet orders, shipping 2012

Hot on the heels of a Wall Street Journal report on new Kindles and a new Android tablet coming to in October, comes a supplier report indicating tablets are already being shipped to the giant Internet retailer.

DigiTimes, which gets its information from upstream parts suppliers in Asia, says that Foxconn has landed a contract to manufacture a 10.1-inch tablet for, shipping in 2012. It's an interesting development, since Foxconn also manufactures iPads for Apple, which would be an obvious rival of's tablet.

However, Foxconn already manufactures Kindles for, so there is already a connection. In addition, the report added that Foxconn is on track to manufacture 12 million Kindles annually for, along with 38-40 million units of iPads and 80-85 million iPhones for Apple, also annually. It is unclear how many tablets the firm will produce for in 2012.

Meanwhile, Quanta Computer has already shipped a number of 7-inch tablets to, according to the same report. It's unknown how many tablets they have ordered from Quanta, but the report noted that Amazon has outsourced the production of touch sensors to Wintek, with "total purchasing volume to top 1.8-2 million units before the end of September."

That jives with earlier reports that indicated that had out-ordered any other Android tablet vendor for Q3. However, the earlier, separate, WSJ report indicated that the tablet which would begin selling in October would be a 9-inch tablet.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has labeled any tablet less than 10-inches in size as "DOA."  Snarkily, we have noted that the iPad is only 9.7-inches in size.


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