Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Quanta selected to build Amazon's Android tablet, coming in 2H2011: report

The rumored Android table has just gotten more real (it was already pretty real). The website DigiTimes, which gets its info from Asian upstream component makers, and is thus, usually very accurate, says it's coming, and coming in 2H 2011.

The OEM that is going to use is reportedly Taiwan-based notebook maker Quanta Computer. Quanta is already the tablet PC OEM partner for RIM (BlackBerry PlayBook( and Sony. At the same time, Quanta has been reportedly attempting to land the same duty from Lenovo for its second-generation LePad.

Peak orders are supposed to hit 700,000 - 800,000 a month. In addition, DigiTimes sources stated that since the Kindle has been unable to grow into markets outside of North America and Europe, plans to reduce still further the Kindle's market price, while at the same time pushing the "tablet PC using its advantage in software and content resources to challenge iPad2."

That statement about "its advantage in software and content" alludes to the evidence we've already seen of moving in an Android-centric direction. It has:
  • Opened the Amazon Appstore, full of curated Android apps
  • Started its own Cloud Drive digital locker service
  • Started the controversial Cloud Player service which, even sans licenses from the music industry, allows
  • users to play music from their Cloud Locker
  • Has a number of Kindle apps, including Android and a Honeycomb-optimized version
These steps were already indicative of releasing an Android tablet eventually.

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