Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPhone 4S to arrive in September, but no LTE iPhone until 2012

It's not a surprise, or even news, as this information has been bandied about for some time, but it's nice to see confirmation from DigiTimes, which is normally very accurate.

The two points in their report have been raised before. First, Apple won't be putting out any LTE-based iPhones this year, but instead wait for 2012.
Apple is likely to delay the launch of its LTE-enabled iPhones to 2012, said the sources, noting that the industry had also long been skeptical about the launch of LTE iPhones in 2011 as the implementation of LTE networks has not yet matured.
Another good reason: AT&T's LTE implementation won't even start testing until mid-year. Meanwhile, Verizon's LTE, while available, isn't available nationwide yet. The biggest bang for the buck for Apple would be to wait until both networks are available.

The iPhone 4S moniker keeps being tossed around, so it seems that's going to be the actual name of the next-generation iPhone. In a separate report, DigiTimes states that the iPhone 4S will arrive "as early as" September, 2011, which is what has been rumored previously.

Some, however, have said the next-gen iPhone could arrive as late as early 2012.

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