Saturday, April 02, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt outsells iPhone 4 at many Verizon Wireless outlets: analyst

Is it possible that a single Android phone is outselling the iPhone 4? While Android has overtaken iOS globally and in the U.S., based on various reports, there has been no single mega-hit for Android. Instead, the market share is really spread across the numerous Android devices.

However, BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk says HTC's Thunderbolt, the first LTE smartphone on Verizon Wireless' nascent 4G network, is outselling the Verizon iPhone 4 at many Verizon locations. Granted, he is only speaking about Verizon stores and the Verizon iPhone 4, but it can still be seen as unheard of statistic, for any device to outsell Apple's iPhone, even limited to the Verizon version.

Piecyk accumulated his data by making calls to 150 different Verizon Wireless retail stores across 22 major U.S. cities, asking which device was selling better. According to his report, 61 percent of the stores surveyed said the two devices were selling at about the same rate (still amazing), 11 percent said the iPhone 4 was selling faster and 28 percent said they were selling more ThunderBolts than iPhones. That means that at leaet 89 percent of the stores are seeing the Thunderbolt sell equally as well, or better, than the iPhone 4.

Naturally, this is anecdotal evidence, but it is still interesting.   A possible reason for the good performance of the Thunderbolt could be its LTE capability. The Verizon iPhone 4 only carries CDMA, which puts it at a significant disadvantage when compared to AT&T's version. Both iPhones are at a huge disadvantage when compared to LTE.

Via: BGR

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