Monday, April 18, 2011

Android Market update allows users to opt-out of targeted in-app ads

Google has updated the Android Market, as it does occasionally. That's not the big news, however: as part of the update Google has added a privacy setting that allows users to opt-out of interest-based AdMob ads.

Google needs a separate setting from the cookies that they use for privacy settings for "Ads by Google" and "Ads by AdMob" within the browser because, quite obviously, mobile apps run outside the browser.

By opting out, Google will not use the device identifier tied to your Android device to provide an end user with ads based on your inferred interests or demographics.

This doesn't get rid of ads, per se. Ad-supported apps will still display them, although there are apps for rooted devices that purport to remove those, too. However, it does remove "interest-based ads," and increases the level of privacy on your device.

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