Sunday, March 06, 2011

Once rejected from the App Store, iBoobs resurrects in the Android Market

An app which was famously booted from the App Store in 2008 for being too sexy has resurfaced in the Android Market. The appearance of "iBoobs" in the Android Market was noted on March 6.

Click here for the Best Buy Weekly SpecialsThe developers behind the original, Mystic Game Development, have released both a regular ($2.10) and a lite (ad-supported) version to the Market. As such, we expect that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is chuckling; he's previously said that if users want porn they should head for Android.

iBoobs isn't really porn. It's a silly little app that displays a large set of breasts, and when you shake the phone, the breasts bounce. According to their press release:
We recently decided to do an experiment and create iBoobs for Android, which is now currently available in the Android app market store. We think the fact that it is available on Android does show that the Android platform offers more flexibility and is more open-minded to app developers.
Honestly, we wish they hand changed the name to AndBoobs or aBoobs, but whatever. They've made some changes (improvements) since the iPhone version, including:
  • Touch screen support (ahem, touch a breast and see)
  • Statistics tracking
  • An achievement system with 15 achievements
You can find it in the Android Market here (regular) and here (lite). You can also watch a demo below.

Update: the app may be a bit more porny that we thought: comments in the Android Market, at least for the paid version, indicate typing "boobies" on your keyboard will remove the bra from the breasts.

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