Monday, February 14, 2011

DIY chatbot aids in Valentine's Day video chat sessions

With Valentine's Day approaching rapidly, and a career move meaning you were moved away from your fiancee, what's a techno-geek to do? Well, he would probably build a video chat robot, of course.

Johnny Chung Lee no works for Google, but he is also known for hacking the Wiimote, and helping Microsoft develop its motion controller, the Kinect. However, his move to Google meant a move away from his fiancee, and thus he created a video chat robot.

To do so, he used a small robot called iRobot Create, along with a netbook. In total, the components cost about $500. He wrote the software himself, and it allows him to remotely control the robot from any laptop.

He's also enabling those of you not capable of writing the software yourself to download it from his own blog. He's also got instructions there, as well.

So, if you're looking for a geeky way to show your Valentine you love her (or him), go for it. You can watch a video below, too.

Via: Procratineering

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