Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apple schedules secret meeting for retail employees for this coming Sunday

Apple has scheduled a secret meeting for retail employees on Sunday, Feb. 27. The report, emerging on Feb. 22, said that employees were required to sign an NDA in order to attend the meeting.

Reportedly, this is typical of Apple. It generally holds its retail all-team meetings at the company's retail stores after closing on Sunday evenings. It was also reported that the meeting was originally scheduled for last week, but was pushed back for one week, for unknown reasons.

It's expected that Apple will update its MacBook Pro line this week, on Feb. 24, but that would come prior to this newly reported meeting. Instead, AppleInsider thinks the retail meeting could be related to some new in-store initiative or service.

Could that be a new move toward a free MobileMe service? That has been suggested as a way for Apple to "rescue" MobileMe for some time. A recent report from an Apple retail employee indicated that upselling MobileMe was pretty much an impossible sell.

Update: It now appears it's not as sexy as a product launch.  BGR says that a new service known as "Joint Venture" will be launched, allowing small businesses and prosumers to use Geniuses to address issues via telephone consultations and on-site visits.  Currently, Apple’s Geniuses don't provide support over the phone or via on-site visits.

Via: AppleInsider, BGR

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