Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Android Market Website announced (and sort of live), will allow installs direct to device from Web

On Wednesday, Google had a coming-out party for Honeycomb (Android 3.0), but after finishing their demo, they had "one more thing" to show off: the new Android Market Website.

Indeed, no longer will you have to go to your device's browser to search for and download an app, although you could use AppBrain, which we still love. This is the first official Google Android Web Store, however, and once it gets up and running (it's there, but there's no way to login, yet), you will not only be able to search and find apps, you will be able to deliver them to your device, straight from the Web (no wires required).

It's actually a feature that AppBrain used to over, but Google made Android Market changes that shut that feature down.

Those with multiple Android devices will see a list, and be able to select the device they want the application downloaded to. Additionally, only those devices capable of running the application will appear in the list.

You can also share apps with your friends through Twitter, read and post app reviews directly from the website, and even see a history of your Google account to see all the apps you previously purchased. Just click “My Market Account.”

It sounds great, and it will definitely eat into AppBrain's market. Still, AppBrain has some nice features that the Android Market Website doesn't, including showing "hot apps" for the day or week, which allows a way to "discover" new apps that are getting a lot of downloads and interest.

The order and download straight from the Web, however, is a killer feature.  There are rumors that the App Store will see a similar WebStore, soon.

Update: the site is now working.

Via: Google

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