Saturday, January 22, 2011

Motorola apologizes for bootloader comment gaffe, promises change

Motorola's bootloader policy on its recent Android phones hasn't been received well by Android fans who love custom ROMs and rooting. A recent response to a comment on Motorola's YouTube account inflamed things more, and Motorola responded on Wednesday with an apology on Facebook.

A locked bootloader pretty much prevent customs ROMs on Motorola devices.  Rooting is still possible, but custom ROMs are popular among many on Android.  The original FUBAR occurred when a Motorola employee responded on their YouTube account (the comment has been replaced with something apologetic):
@tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks.
Considering Motorola Nobility is only now making a comeback from its doldrums, it hardly seems good to direct them to another company. Their Facebook apology reads:
We apologize for the feedback we provided regarding our bootloader policy. The response does not reflect the views of Motorola.

We are working closely with our partners to offer a bootloader solution that will enable developers to use our devices as a development platform while still protecting our users' interests. More detailed information will follow as we get closer to availability.
The edited comment at YouTube, while not word-for-word the same, provides pretty much the same answer.

While we doubt there will be many, or any, changes to older devices, it will be interesting to see how and if Motorola follows through with this. The upcoming Atrix 4G and its dock attachments were well received at CES, with the only problem for us being AT&T as the carrier.

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