Sunday, January 09, 2011

Kinect will come to the PC "at the right time": Microsoft CEO

Microsoft's Kinect motion controller has been modified, hacked, whatever you want to call it for many uses already. PrimeSense and Asus are combining to add Kinect-based technology to HTPCs, but in terms of official Microsoft support, nada. It will come, however, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

When asked by the BBC's Spencer Kelly about any Microsoft plans to allow users plug a Kinect unit into a PC in the near future, Ballmer responded by saying
"We'll support that in a formal way, in the right time, and when we've got an announcement to make, we'll make it."
It sounds pretty promising, although "when" was not answered. However, to be truly useful, Kinect will have to be better able to track fine movements. Right now, end users need a fairly large "play space." However, technological improvements, perhaps in the software associated with Kinect, may eventually be able to overcome this.

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