Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Internet blows up over Jets 'Rex Ryan foot video'

Once upon a time, a YouTube user named "ihaveprettyfeet" posted a series of YouTube foot fetish videos. Ah, but the evil witch (AKA an observant New York Jets fan) noticed that "ihaveprettyfeet" was the spitting image of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan's wife Michelle.

Indeed, the hottest searches have become "Rex Ryan foot video" and "Michelle Ryan feet."

Worse still, since the NFL football season is still ongoing, is the fact that the male voice of the cameraman in the video below sounds a lot like Rex Ryan. Deadspin says:
We were told by one source that if this is Michelle Ryan, there's no way Rex knows about it. But listen closely to the voice of the cameraman. Multiple viewers, including a YouTube commenter, have observed that it sounds an awful lot like Rex. Now, we're not into feet or anything, but if that is indeed Michelle, and that is indeed Rex, well, more power to the both of them. Like many, many people out there, Rex is just in love with his wife's feet.
"ihaveprettyfeet" became popular on YouTube, but whether they were Michelle Ryan's feet or not, the videos and user were eventually banned.

Of course, one wouldn't expect a post-Deadspin leak press conference with Rex Ryan to go without questions about Michelle Ryan's feet or Rex Ryan's foot video, and it did not. His basic answer: "It is a personal matter."

Watch the most embarrassing press conference ever below, as well as one of the Michelle Ryan feet videos (assuming it is her, but Deadspin has considerable evidence that points in that direction).

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