Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In a defensive move, BofA buys up disparaging domain names ahead of Wikileaks' release

Bank of America is expected to be the target of Wikileaks' next release, which will focus on banks. To show just how seriously companies now view Wikileaks, BoA is reportedly buying up domain names that could be used to blast the company.

In other words, BofA is buying domain names like "this exec sucks," and the like. Examples include such fabulous domain names as,,, and Brian Moynihan, if you didn't know, is the CEO of Bank of America.

Other such "protected" BofA execs include CFO Charles Noski, Chairman of the Board Charles Holliday, and board member Charles Rossotti.

BlueMountain.comThe domain names were not purchased by Bank of America itself, but by MarkMonitor, a third party that frequently registers domain names on behalf of large corporations. Reportedly, hundreds of such registrations were made on Dec. 17th, alone, which is probably the day the Board of Directors decided the move was prudent.

While many are angry about the Wikileaks release of confidential files and diplomatic cables, such is not the case with the anticipated release of bank-embarrassing documents. Some have even gone so far as to say that Wikileaks should have released the bank-damning files first, to endear itself to an American public angry at Wall Street and big banks.

Of course, the odds that this gambit will work are low. There are plenty of adjectives that can be used in combination with executive names. Additionally, there's always Facebook.

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