Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hidden equation solved in Google Cr-48 destruction video, netbook won

Since the Chrome OS-based Cr-48 netbook is in very short supply, seeing Google destroy a bunch of them (see below) couldn't have been easy for any viewers of the video. Embedded within the video, however, was a puzzle, with a prize attached.

The puzzle wasn't publicized, but an equation at about 2:23 in the video still attracted the attention of one Sylvain Zimmer. Along with "other geeks at Jamendo," (Zimmer is CTO) he figured out that the puzzle turned into an URL, goo.gl/speedanddestroy. Entering that into his browser, he was awarded with a form telling him that he was the “first to figure out our MENSA-certified puzzle” and would receive a Cr-48 netbook. The only possible obstacle is that the prize is supposed to go to a U.S. resident, which Zimmer is not.

Google hasn't been shy about hiding puzzles in its Doodles before. Of course, those didn't come with a prize.

Watch the video of the Cr-48 destruction below.


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