Thursday, December 09, 2010

'Google +1' social networking toolbar leaked to the wild

The Google social networking initiative, first codenamed "Google Me," and now known as "Google +1," seems to have been leaked accidentally. TechCrunch has a screenshot of the toolbar for "Google +1," and has received confirmation of its validity from Google, as well.

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The toolbar, shown atop Google News, in this case, has the required Share button, a Google username, and a place for a Google account icon. There's also an options link, and way over to the left a Loop link.

TechCrunch said,
"This is exactly in-line with what we’ve reported so far about Google +1 — namely that a key part of it is based around “loops”, which seems to be Google’s word for 'groups.'"
Google's confirmation said:
“We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve our products, and we have already confirmed that we are focused on incorporating social elements across Google. But we have nothing new to announce at this time.”
Based on the word Confidential in red, this wasn't meant to be "experimented" with in the wild, however.

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