Friday, December 10, 2010

Dutch police arrest teen for 'Wikileaks revenge' DDoS attacks

Prison Cell
Dutch authorities said on Thursday that they have arrested a 16-year-old hacker who was involved in the attacks on the Web sites of MasterCard and PayPal. These attacks were part of the group Anonymous' Operation Payback campaign. Among others, they were paying back MasterCard and PayPal for suspending Wikileaks' accounts.

The arrest was announced by the Dutch National Prosecutors Office, who said that the unnamed teenager was arrested by a high-tech crime unit on Wednesday night.  While his identity was not released, it's believed he may be one of the IRC-operators of Anonymous, known by the handle Jeroenz0r.

Anonymous has attacked numerous targets, including the Dutch prosecutor's office which is trying
to extradite Wikileaks chief Julian Assange from the U.K. On Thursday,, which kicked Wikileaks off its EC2 service, was attacked. However, the site showed just why Wikileaks wanted to use it as a host: it was too robust to be taken down by the DDoS attack.

The teenager has reportedly confessed to involvement in the hacking. However, considering the organization behind all this, one arrest isn't going to stop the attacks.

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