Monday, December 27, 2010

Burglar steals hacker's computer; big mistake

The worst decision a burglar can make is to steal the computer of a hacker, and then turn it on, without completely wiping it. So begins the tale of Melvin Guzman-Rosa, who stole the Quicksilver G4 of hacker Zoz, and lived to regret it.

Zoz told the tale at Defcon 18 earlier this year. In addition to the video attached to this post, you can follow along with his presentation (.PDF).

The computer was stolen in Boston, and showed up in Las Vegas two years later. Zoz had set the computer up with Dynamic DNS, and thus noted when it came online. He then VNC'ed into the computer, so he could watch what the perpetrator was doing.

Ultimately, Zoz, with the aid of a keylogger, no less, was able to find out the name and address of one Melvin Guzman-Rosa, on Amber Valley Lane in Las Vegas, NV, and send police to the location to arrest him.

A lesson learned in just whose computer to not steal.

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