Thursday, November 25, 2010

German homes that opted out of Street View receive egging

Google Street View rolled out in Germany late last week. Many in the country decided to opt-out of having their houses displayed, and had Google blur them instead. Reportedly, however, several of those homeowners now have to clean the egg off, not their faces, but their houses.

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Local German media said that several homes that opted out of Street View and asked to be blurred were hit with eggs. In addition, “Google’s Cool” notes were taped to their mailboxes. And people think that Apple has fanboys.

A Google spokesperson responded as follows:
We respect people’s decision to opt out and by no means consider this to be acceptable behavior.
About 3 percent of the households in Germany (244,237 in all) chose to blur their homes. Naturally, not all 244,000+ received an egging, but enough did to make it an issue.

You can see someone who should have opted out of Street View in Germany here.

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