Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fired Google bonus leaker IDed as former #6 employee at Apple

You are No. 6. No, we're not talking about The Prisoner, we're talking about Randy Wigginton, a software engineer who was employee number six at Apple, and was reportedly the employee who was fired after leaking the internal memo Google sent out about special raises and bonuses.

Gawker gave the following information as evidence in the firing:
The day after Google terminated the leaker, Wigginton's Wikipedia entry was altered by a fellow Apple and Google alum to say Wigginton previously, rather than presently, worked for Google. Within 10 days of the firing, Wigginton's LinkedIn profile was updated to indicate his employment with Google ended in November 2010. Finally, and most circumstantially, Business Insider's tech feed is one of just 54 accounts Wigginton follows on Twitter. Business Insider attributed its scoop to "a loyal reader."
While some said that the leaker was fired because he placed Google employees at risk of mugging over the bonuses, it's more likely he was fired because in his job as SRE, he would have had access to the extremely sensitive data. You may recall the earlier incident involving a Google SRE which we wrote about. That may have made Google extremely anxious over anything involving any SREs.

At any rate, whether it was Wigginton or not, whoever the fired Google leaker was, he was told not to leak the information about the raises and bonuses Google was using to stem the bleeding of employees to other companies.

We would hope, given his No. 6 employee at Apple history, and as creator of MacWrite, Full Impact, and numerous other Mac applications, that Wigginton had little to no reason to actually be working anyway, and that is now relaxing somewhere.

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