Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wi-fi only Galaxy Tabs coming to Best Buy, $499

A leaked ad points to Best Buy joining the carriers next month in selling Samsung Galaxy tab tablets. That would seem natural, but the retailer will also be selling Samsung Galaxy Tabs that are wi-fi only, as well.

Samsung had earlier said that wi-fi only Galaxy Tabs would be released "later," but did not say when "later" was. Launching it at the same approximate time as the 3G versions is somewhat of a surprise.

The Best Buy screenshot shows that the store will sell both wi-fi only and wi-fi+3G models. Pricing will start at $499, which is obviously the wi-fi only model. That price is identical to the lowest priced wi-fi only iPad.

Best Buy seems to be selling both Verizon and Sprint versions, with 3G service available from both carriers with a contract or a month-to-month plan. Verizon hasn't announced pricing for a subsidized version of the Galaxy Tab yet. Strangely, also, Sprint announced pricing with a contract, subsidized, is $399, so why does Best Buy's pricing "start" at $499?

It's still unclear if this launch at Best Buy will begin on the same date or, rather, dates as the carrier launches.

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