Friday, October 29, 2010

The white iPhone 4 disappears from Apple's online store

As speculation runs rampant that Apple may in fact be cancelling, rather than delaying, the white version of the iPhone 4, more evidence that the Cupertino company my have decided to give up on the white version has emerged. The white iPhone 4 has disappeared from Apple's online store.

Prior to this the white iPhone 4 appeared on Apple's order pages, but was noted as being "unavailable for order." Apple hasn't totally cleansed the site of the white iPhone 4, however. You can still find it in the iPhone 4's image gallery, and it's still pictured among some of the iPhone 4's accessories.

The white iPhone 4 has been delayed for months, with not much comment from Apple as far as exactly why. Theories have run from a mismatch between the white color of the Home button to an issue with the white iPhone 4 leaking light through its case, ruining photos.

As we said before, there are always white cases.

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