Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Microsoft details Windows Phone devices ready for the holidays

Although Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 launch event highlighted AT&T handsets, there are handsets going global, to sixty carriers, the company said. The company released, via press release, the list of the first wave of devices, coming in the holiday timeframe.

Windows Phone 7 will launch on October 21 in Europe and Asia, and the first U.S. handset (the Samsung Focus) will land on November 8.   For now, the handset OEMs in the mix are LG, HTC, Samsung, and Dell.

While the platform looks ready for market, it uses a different paradigm with its "Hubs," and it remains to be seen if consumers will opt for WP7 instead of the more mature iPhone and Android devices (with, as well, many more applications in their respective marketplaces).

In North America:

  • HTC Surround, United States
  • Samsung Focus, United States
  • LG Quantum, United States
T-Mobile USA
  • HTC HD7, United States
  • Dell Venue Pro, United States
  • HTC 7 Surround, Canada
  • LG Optimus 7, Canada
América Móvil
  • LG Optimus 7, Mexico
In Europe:

  • HTC HD7, United Kingdom, Germany
  • HTC 7 Mozart, including France, United Kingdom
  • Samsung OMNIA 7, including France, United Kingdom
  • HTC 7 Trophy, France
  • Samsung OMNIA 7, France
  • LG Optimus 7, Spain
  • HTC HD7, Spain
  • Samsung OMNIA 7, Spain
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • HTC 7 Mozart, Germany
  • Samsung OMNIA 7, Germany
  • HTC 7 Trophy, including Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
  • LG Optimus 7, including Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
In Asia Pacific:

  • HTC HD 7, Singapore
  • LG Optimus 7, Singapore
  • HTC 7 Mozart, Australia
  • LG Optimus 7Q, Australia
  • HTC 7 Trophy, including Australia

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