Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Solve Media wants to solve CAPTCHA problems with advertising

CAPTCHAs are a pain, but a necessity. Used to prevent spam, automated postings, and the like, they can be supremely annoying when they are so difficult to read that even a human can't make them out. Solve Media has an idea to turn a CAPTCHA into a GOTCHA ... an advertising gotcha, that is.

Instead of the image on the left, you'd see the image on the right, and have to type in "Browse Safer" to fulfill the CAPTCHA requirements. It's hard to see how Solve Media could prevent bots from taking advantage of an ad scheme that requires you to type in a slogan. After all, one would assume that an advertising would have some targeted message, like "X tastes good," or something.

To be honest, however, if they could make it work, we'd sure prefer it to a CAPTHCA or RE-CAPTCHA. Even better, there's no video triggered, no redirection to another site, no anything.

They've even got some advertisers lined up already, including Microsoft, Universal Pictures and Toyota, and publishers including Meredith, Tribune and AOL. AOL is also an investor in Solve media.

Watch a Solve Media video on the idea.

Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo.

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