Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RIM confirms PlayBook QNX OS to migrate to smartphones

It's been said that the BlackBerry OS is tired and old (sounds somewhat like Windows Mobile and Symbian, doesn't it?). On Tuesday, at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, a RIM VP confirmed that the QNX operating system announced on Monday, that will be run on RIM's new PlayBook tablet will in face replace BlackBerry OS, over time.

GoDaddy.com Hosting just $1.99/mo! 120x60  It's that "over time" phrase that catches the eye. It's a major transition, he said, adding that BlackBerry OS 7 would probably be a "stepping stone" in the transition process.

None of this is unexpected. Unlike Microsoft, however, which has said that Windows 6.5 apps will not run on Windows Phone 7, the QNX OS has a runtime which means existing BlackBerry apps written in Java will still work.

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