Saturday, August 07, 2010

With Facebook Friends like these ...

... who needs enemies, right? It's not a new warning. A home was robbed after a Facebook update saying a couple would be out. What's most interesting in this case, however, is that it wasn't just anyone who robbed the couple: it was a childhood Facebook friend.

NOD32 v3.0 - Save 25% - Download NowThis should show you, that just because you restrict your Facebook or other updates to friends doesn't mean you are safe. In March, the victims, Keri McMullen and her fiance Kurt Pendleton were going to a concert, and McMullen posted that info on Facebook.

Coming home, they found the home had been burglarized. Fortunately, the two had recently installed security cameras. The cameras picked up the burglars, clearly, as you can see below in the video report.

In fact, after reporting the incident to police, they passed images from the burglary on, once again, Facebook. Within hours, a Facebook friend contacted McMullen, telling her, "I know who that is and so do you. He's one of your friends."

In fact, it was her Facebook friend Shaun South, a childhood friend of hers. She's known him since she was 7, but hadn't seen him for 15 years. The other suspect has been identified as Kyle Bieber.

Those two are still on the lam, but this serves as a lesson: don't post information about your whereabouts on social networking sites. This is also why some say "checking in" is also a bad idea. In this case, all the miscreants had to do is check the bar where McMullen and Pendleton were going to find out when the band was playing, and know that they would be "safe" then.

Watch a video report from CNN:

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