Friday, August 20, 2010

Developer-phone only, the Nexus One still sells out

The Nexus One is probably only obsolete in the way that gadgetry becomes obsolete after six months in the wild: it's been around long enough to become passe. It's still a powerful device, and its popularity, even as a developer-only Android phone, is shown by the fact that it's back-ordered.

Iomega kicks NASThat's right, Google, which recently made the Nexus One its new "developer phone, has announced that the Nexus One is now sold out, and back-ordered from HTC.

The post says that Google had a "substantial" inventory of devices, yet they sold out quickly. It's been only two weeks, in fact, since the original announcement of it as a the new developer phone.

As we said previously, the Nexus One, with its AMOLED screen, and as an unlocked device (though supporting T-Mobile 3G frequencies only, again) was too good a phone to die away as it did, the result of a Google idea that simply didn't work out. The device is also unsullied (some would say) by UI add-ons such as Sense, Blur, or TouchWiz, which is a plus for many.

Of course, it's been topped by devices like the Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, and Droid X in terms of screen-size and processor power, but it is unlocked, as we said, with stock Android on it. Can't find a Nexus One through normal channels? There are tons of them on eBay right now.

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