Thursday, July 29, 2010

Browser plug-ins alert users of Google tracking

We all know Google is tracking pretty much our every move (unless you choose to opt out, that is). If you haven't opted out, a new browser plug-in by F.A.T. might "alarm" you enough to do so.

Google's tracking bugs aren't just on its own sites. They're embedded just about everywhere for Adsense, Google Analytics, and more. While most folks are OK with it (partially because of laziness, to be honest), there are some who opt-out or use other plug-ins like NoScript to block Google's data acquisition.

The Google Alarm extension works in both Firefox and Chrome. It comes in both silent and audible versions, with the audible one (which also has the visual cues, to be clear) being reminscent of a vuvuzela. If you've got your audio turned up, the audible version is definitely NSFW.

Watch a video demo:

Google Alarm from Jamie Dubs on Vimeo.

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