Saturday, July 24, 2010

Apple's latest 'death grip' video targets Motorola's Droid X

Apple's made the phones of other manufacturers its targets as it continues to defend itself against the "death grip" issue on its iPhone 4. Its latest target: the recently released Droid X.

Apple has a "feature page" on its site regarding the iPhone 4's antenna; the video was posted both there and on YouTube. Apple's video purports to show that holding the Droid X signal bars dropping from 3 to zero.

Despite all the claims by Apple, manufacturers and others have noted that a) Apple is the only manufacturer with an external antenna system, b) other antennas are located in such a way as to make a "death grip" require contortions, and c) the "death grip" on the iPhone really requires just a finger to bridge the gap between two antennas in its external antenna system.

We were also unable to reproduce Apple's demo using a "natural" grip on the Droid X, using two separate devices in the same location.

We expect Motorola to fire back about this. The Droid X sold out and became backordered quickly after its July 15th release, despite assurances by Verizon that they had plenty of stock.

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