Monday, April 19, 2010

Bar-hopping iPhone HD real, at least internally: reports

It looks like the iPhone HD purportedly found in a San Jose bar may be the real deal, at least internally. enGadget claims it's found proof that the prototype is indeed the real deal. The proof: an iPhone similar to the one dropped in the bar shown in a leaked photo of the iPad before the device was unveiled.

Of course, the innards of the device are far more accurate than the casing. Most likely the case is a prototype case, and the device may not look anything like the device shown. However, Daring Fireball said "Apple is very interested in getting it back."

That sort of statement points to this thing being the real deal.

However, sources also confirm that the iPhone HD (or whatever it will eventually be called) has a higher resolution screen, a front-facing camera, a higher resolution camera with flash, and uses microSIM cards like the iPad 3G. It will also indeed have 80GB of storage, and the rumored ceramic glass back.

For those concerned about the durability of the glass back, Daring Fireball dug up an Apple patent application from 2006, for " high-durability ceramic enclosures. Glass-like appearance and feel but far stronger and more scratch resistant. And: radio transparent."

Three months or so to go until the next-gen iPhone launches, so expect more leaks like this one. Well, perhaps not like "this one;" if indeed a real "droppage" some Apple employee is likely sweating bullets today.

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