Saturday, October 17, 2009

New iPhone 3GS Bootrom Only an Inconvenience: iPhone Dev Team

Earlier reports that a new Bootrom being shipped with the latest iPhone 3GS devices blocks jailbreaking are only half-true, it would appear. iPhone Dev-Team member Eric McDonald addressed the reports in an interview released Thursday.

In reality, panic over the new Bootrom would block jailbreaking permanently was unfounded anyway. At the very most it would only block jailbreaking until a new vulnerability to hack was found.

However, as McDonald stated, jailbreaking is not even totally blocked now. However, jailbreakers will face the same sort of inconvenience that iPod touch Gen. 2 users did earlier: an inability to reboot without plugging the device in to a computer. The “24kpwn” exploit which was plugged only made it easier to boot up the hacked devices.

My view on this is that Apple should spend less time blocking things that in reality make the device more useful (such as Google Voice, ahem); these sorts of methods will only serve to push people to other devices. While the iPhone remains the most popular smartphone, it is by no means the only game in town, and by no means leaps and bounds ahead of the competition any longer.
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