Tuesday, October 13, 2009

T-Mobile Halts Sidekick Sales in Wake of Data Loss

In the wake of a Microsoft / Danger hardware failure that resulted in many customers losing their e-mail, contacts, and other data, T-Mobile has taken a couple of steps. One is that all Sidekick models are temporarily off-limits, sales-wise. The second is that T-Mobile reps, if pinged enough, may be willing to give you some recompense.

The reported ways T-Mobile is using to assuage anger include:
  • Letting Sidekick users out of their contracts
  • $20 off a T-Mobile G1
  • Trying to turn users onto BlackBerrys
Interestingly, it seems many are directing their anger at T-Mobile, when they should be directing it at Danger / Microsoft. Realistically, one would think this might spill over into less trust of Microsoft's MyPhone service as well.
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