Monday, August 24, 2009

iPhone Outsold All Windows Mobile Phones in Q2: Analyst

Technology industry analyst Canalys released a report on Q2 2009 earlier this week, that stated what we already knew from prior such analysis: that smartphone sales continue to be strong. Not just that, though: Windows Mobile continues to sink, with the iPhone outselling all Windows Mobile devices.

Nokia retained its lead with 44.3% of smartphone shipments, and RIM continues to be second with 20.9%. Meanwhile, the iPhone came in at third with 13.7%. When looking at different platforms, the top three were the exact same as above, with Symbian representing Nokia, but Windows Mobile came in at 9%, fourth place among platforms.

Also of note is that the touchscreen form factor that the iPhone made popular continues to be popular. 39.6% of all smartphones sold have touchscreens, compared to 12.3% being keypad-based devices like BlackBerry and just 10.7% being keyboard devices like those sold by HTC using Windows Mobile.

Despite the absence of Palm's webOS in the list of platforms above, Chris Jones, Canalys VP and principal analyst, had some good things to say about Palm:
“As a relatively small company, Palm has shown what creative leadership and focused investment can achieve. By going back to its roots and developing its own operating system, it has produced an innovative and differentiated product. Investors have responded to this, with its share price growing over 70% this year. Palm still has plenty of challenges ahead – it must find the resources to launch the Pre on the global stage, while continuing to fund development of its product pipeline. But it is remarkable how much better the prospects are for this company than just one year ago.”
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