Monday, August 10, 2009

Cell Phone Crackdown Coming in SF Bay Area

A cell phone crackdown will begin on Tuesday in the San Francisco Bay Area. While police in the entire Bay Area will take part, the majority of the effort will be in the South Bay.

What's this all about, and what are police doing cracking down on cell phones? What they're really doing is looking for the scofflaws who have been ignoring California's relatively new hands-free law and texting ban (while driving).

As a Bay Area resident, I can tell you I see people every day ignoring these laws. I see people not just talking on the cell phone without a hands-free kit, but I see what appears to be texting activity as well.

Reportedly, in the first month of the hands-free law, 7,854 tickets were issued by the CHP. in July, 12,460 citations were handed out. You might expect a downward trend, but it's obvious that people are continuing to ignore the law. The figure does not include local police departments, either.

Both the hands-free law and the anti-texting law need a little more teeth to it. The first offense is $20, $50 for each repeat offense.

Still, a crackdown like this is welcome. Me? I always use a hands-free set. I dial using voice dialing. And I don't text or email (any longer!).
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