Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Beatles Go Online, But Not Where You Might Think

Who doesn't want to see the Beatles music online? OK, OK, maybe everyone working on the negotiations don't want it there, yet. But it will be soon, only not on iTunes or Amazon MP3, and not all that conveniently, either. Nope, the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation (NRK) is where you can find it. They say that eventually they will have every Beatles song ever written (212) available via podcast.

How are they managing this? Well, according to the site (don't worry, English at the bottom):
Some weeks ago, NRK - Norwegian Braodcasting - signed a deal with music rights holder organisation TONO in Norway. The new deal gives NRK right to publish podcasts of all previously broadcasted radio- and tv-programs that contains less then 70% music.

Podcast containing music may be up for four weeks, while our podcast without music stay up on our server forever.

One result of this deal, is that we now can publish “Vår daglige Beatles” - “Our Daily Beatles” in English - as a podcast.y for our international visitors - in Norwegian) and the actual Beatles tune.
The podcasts each contain a 3 minute history of the song (in Norwegian) as well as the song itself. Right now, according to the site, there are 14 up there; the full 212 will be available by the end of January. The series was originally aired in 2001.

The last information from Paul McCartney in November regarding any online distribution of Beatles music was that negotiations had stalled.

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