Friday, December 19, 2008

T-Mobile G2 Due on Jan. 26th?

File this under the rumor heading with the word "iffy" next to it. However, if true, I'm sure you'd all be pretty interested in this, the T-Mobile G2.

The site Cellphone Signal says an anonymous tipster has given them this hot info. Now conspicuously missing is the phrase "QWERTY keyboard," while conspicuous in its placement near the top of the list of features is "Full Touch screen."

Of course, the Android roadmap says that soft keyboard support won't be added until Q1 2009.

The list also claims Stereo Bluetooth connectivity and Video Capture. Those would be features from the "Cupcake" release I wrote about earlier. Thing is, these changes were apparently merged not that long ago.

It also seems rather quick for a G2 to emerge. Not that it's impossible mind you. One other thing that makes me a doubter? The site involved didn't notice that it spelled "update" as "upadate" in this headline. Yeah, yeah, I know, I make typos too, but still ...

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