Sunday, December 28, 2008

Intel Denies Trying to Kill NVIDIA's Ion Platform

A report last week that stated that Intel would not unbundle the Atom CPU from its 945GSE and 945GC chipsets. If true, it would have been a major blow to NVIDIA's recently announced Ion platform, which combines the GeForce 9400 GPU with the Intel Atom CPU. However, a response from an Intel spokesman denies that assertion.

The rumor was started by DigiTimes, who said that it had been told by OEMs that Atom CPUs were only available bundled with Intel chipsets. However, received an email from Bill Calder, an Intel spokesman:
"There is nothing preventing vendors from using the Ion platform. We sell Atom as a stand-alone processor, or as package with chipset."
Ion is obviously aimed at the netbook market and would compete directly with Intel's above-mentioned chipsets. The proof will be when we see the Ion platform in an announced product, I suppose.

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