Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TiVo Gets Crusty, With Domino's Ordering

Late Sunday, TiVo Series 2 / 3 / HD users with broadband connectivity may have noticed something different: yep, broadband connected TiVo subscribers can now order order Domino's Pizza for delivery or pick-up right from their TiVo. Not only that, users can track delivery timing, so you can see if you're going to be getting a freebie or not.

Still, I would think (particularly for folks like me who have a laptop in the living room at all times) it would still be easier to order online, no? And you can track your order online as well.

So, let's just summarize: a great idea, and a horrible one at the same time. While the idea of ordering cardboard-ish Domino's Pizza really doesn't grab me, what is likely to happen is still further inroads into order whatever you want from your couch --- just another way for already obese Americans to get still more obese.

The only drawback: no integration with credit card payment yet. Yep, you have to use cash.

However, you wouldn't expect it to stop here, would you? Of course, if they really want to make it easy, they have to make it one-clickable. I detest having to use an on-screen keyboard. Perhaps they can have users login to their TiVo account, and set up preferences that can then be used when ordering (the press release notes you can use your Dominos.com account, but I'm thinking ahead: if you're using TiVo to order this and more in the future, why not centralize it there?).

Like I said, it's both good and bad in the long run. The problem is, while all our technology is great, we have virtually no reason to move ourselves from the couch any longer.

It used to be that life itself produced enough calorie-burning activity to keep us trim; now unless you explicitly exercise, that won't happen. Anyone watch Wall-E? Ultimately, the fate of humans in that movie (well, before rescuing by Wall-E) may be ours: huge globs of fat too sedentary to rise up out of a chair.

Or I could be being overly critical of we humans. It's not like we do stupid things every day, is it? Oh, wait.

And don't worry, TiVo isn't locking you into Domino's. There's always the phone and the Internet to rescue you.

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