Monday, November 03, 2008

Google Patches Android Security Flaw

Google has begun distributing a patch to fix the security flaw I wrote about earlier. The flaw was a result of Google using out-of-date open source components.

The security flaw was characterized by security firm ISE as "serious," but they indicated any possible harm would be mitigated by Android's design.

The update will be made available over-the-air (OTA) with a message on the handset "A system update is available," and a choice to update now or later. Click the button to start the update, and after the download and installation should only take a few minutes.

The updates included the fix to the browser vulnerability and a couple of other minor changes as well, according to a Google spokesperson.

The smoothness of the update, at least as reported so far, can be considered an early test of just how Google is going to handle future updates. Don't expect all such updates to be flawless, however.

Anyone who is an observer of tech will note the occasional glitch -- meaning bricked PS3s, PCs that won't boot after an OS update, bricked iPhones, and so forth. It's impossible for anyone to cover all the possibilities and there's bound to be a problem in a small percentage of cases.

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