Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blackberry Bold to be Launched Soon on AT&T. When? Depends Who You Ask

According to reports from two different sources, the Blackberry Bold is about to be released on unsuspecting AT&T users. However, when is an open question.

According to Gizmodo, the date is Sept. 12th, and the Bold will sell for $299. While Gizmodo gives a rating of 95% probability on this happening, it's interesting that the leak came from AT&T store employees.

Not exactly the highest-placed or most credible sources.

On the other hand, the Boy Genius Report has a less satisfying, but possibly more realistic date of Oct. 2nd.

BGR says that their info is from a "high-placed" source. That's probably more credible than a store employee. And while Oct. 2nd is more than a month away, it might give AT&T time to figure out the 3G issues that appear to be cropping up on the Bold.

They probably don't want to release another 3G-sucking phone to their network until the iPhone issues are ironed out, either.

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