Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Roku's Set-Top Netflix Player Already Sold Out

Roku's set-top Netflix Player, the first and most basic of the ones Netflix currently has in the works, is already sold out, after being introduced on May 20th.

If you try to place an order on their site, you'll eventually reach a screen which tells you that:
due to high demand, orders placed today are expected to ship in approximately two weeks.
The Roku player allows Netflix users to stream video using Netflix's "instant viewing" option, but without a PC. At $99, it's cheap, and is is sold directly from Roku's site. It has also received numerous favorable reviews (e.g., The New York Times). Just as with Amazon and its Kindle,

which also quickly sold out, Roku hasn't revealed any sales figures. However, Tim Twerdahl, Roku's vice president of consumer products, made it clear it wasn't overly conservative ordering that led to the shortage.
"We were very aggressive. Sales have outstripped our expectations."
Nice. Of course, we don't know what their expectations were, but ...

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