Friday, May 02, 2008

Google TV Ads Go Live

Google TV Ads service has exited invitation-only beta and gone live, as announced on the official Adsense blog.

What does that mean? Besides the obvious, meaning you can now place a Google ad on TV, it means you can start a TV campaign right from your AdWords account. It's all done via the web:
  • choose your target audience
  • choose the networks, dayparts, and specific programs you want your ad to run on
  • choose the cost-per-thousand impressions you’re willing to pay
You don't actually pay until after your ad airs.

Missing the all-important TV ad itself? You can use Google’s Ad Creation Marketplace to connect with the pros who will make the ad for you. And, for a limited time, Google will cover the cost of creating an ad through the marketplace, up to $2,000. You can learn more here.

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