Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apple Has Plenty of Green, But It's Not So "Green"

Apple's been criticized in the past for its lack of "greenness," but when it launched the MacBook Air it made plenty of statements about how its newest computer was so much greener than previous models. ClimateCounts.org begs to differ, at least when looking at Apple overall.

Last week ClimateCounts.org released its second annual Climate Counts Company Scorecard. The Scorecard covers a variety of sectors, not just technology. It's also not a comprehensive comparison of all the companies in the world, obviously. The sectors covered are:
  • Apparel/Accessories
  • Beverages-Beer
  • Consumer Shipping
  • Electronics
  • Food Products
  • Food Services
  • Household Products
  • Internet/Software
  • Media
According to their site,

Climate Counts use a 0-to-100 point scale and 22 criteria to determine if companies have:

  • MEASURED their climate "footprint"
  • REDUCED their impact on global warming
  • SUPPORTED (or suggest intent to block) progressive climate legislation
  • Publicly DISCLOSED their climate actions clearly and comprehensively
As you can see from the below, in the Electronics category, Apple didn't fare so well.

Not only didn't Apple fare well, it was the only company that was in the "red," though Dell and Nokia weren't exactly doing great. On the other hand, they both scored 4 - 5x Apple's score.

On the other hand, this is just one study, and they do place considerable weight on information and disclosure by a company. We all know how close-mouthed Apple can be. Of course, their score did go up 9 points from 2007!

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