Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All the News Thats Fit to Map - On Google Earth

The New York Times's masthead logo, "All The News That's Fit to Print," dates back to 1896. Monday Google has announced it's teamed up with the New York Times to offer regional news via Google Earth, sort of "all the news that's fit to map."

How's it work? Well, first install the latest version of Google Earth. If the region you are looking at (New York, New York, above, click to enlarge) has regional stories you can view, you'll find New York Times placemarks that you can click on.

When you click on a placemark, you'll get the latest news for that area. Want more than just the latest headlines? Click the Show This Layer button (see above) at the top of the preview pane and you'll get a huge number of placemarks appearing on the map, constituting a month's worth of stories.

I'm actually not 100% sure this is working as Google intended, since their Lat Long blog seems to indicate you'll get a "list of stories," not a ton of placemarks.

Much as an RSS feed might do, the news is updated every 15 minutes, according to Google.

What's the next step? The natural progression of things would be to link this service to Google Maps, rather than Google Earth, since a lot more people use that service. We'll see ...

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