Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Company Tries to Trademark "PWNAGE"

In the strangest trademark application I've seen since Fark tried to trademark "NSFW" (yes, I realize that wasn't that long ago) , Futuremark Corporation, best known for benchmarking software, is trying to trademark "PWNAGE."

The trademark application, filed Feb. 26th, covers things from computer games to mobile phone cases to movies:
Computer game software for communication devices; computer game software and computer game programs enabling users to play games with mobile phones and personal digital assistants; computer software and programs enabling users to communication devices to simultaneously access databases and global computer networks; software enabling transfer of data between mobile communication apparatus; computer game software; computer game programs; computer game discs; interactive multimedia computer game program; downloadable ring tones, graphics and music via global computer network and wireless devices; cases for mobile phones; computer application software for mobile phones; multimedia software recorded on CD-ROM featuring fictional characters and computer games; pre-recorded DVD's, video tapes, laser discs featuring movies about fictional characters, and pre-recorded compact discs featuring music; motion picture films on fictional characters.
My guess: this is all about publicity for the recently formed Futuremark Games Studio.

At least I hope so. Otherwise we might see ROFL, LOL, 1337, etc. trademarked. And you know Apple would just love to trademark "i" (you know they already think they have "pod" trademarked).

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