Thursday, February 07, 2008

Windows Vista SP1 RTM Leaks to the Web

As we noted on Monday, Microsoft announced Windows Vista SP1 has released to manufaturing. However, you can expect to wait six weeks for it to be downloadable. Unless ...

Unless you visit a BitTorrent site such as The Pirate Bay, where you can easily find SP1. A simple search for "Windows Vista SP1" will yield not just standalone installers, but actual DVD images. One torrent for a DVD image, at the time of this writing, shows 132 seeders and 512 leechers.

Another popular BitTorrent site is MiniNova, and it currently shows a torrent for a DVD image with 159 seeders and 665 leeechers.

Of course, you'd be taking a chance on two counts. One would be the driver issues that Microsoft enumerated, and I discussed in my above-linked story.

Another, of course, is the fact that you're getting it from an unknown source, and taking a chance on getting trojans, viruses, etc. along with SP1.

However, if you're a gambler, and don't want to wait - and trust the comments for each torrent which, much like eBay feedback, can give you an indication of the validity of the download, SP1 is on the Web for the downloading.

Of course, it would be technically illegal (though if you already have a valid version of Vista, I would say it's not far outside the legal lines, if at all - though Microsoft would probably disagree).

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