Monday, May 21, 2007

Cell Phone Radiation Protection with Isabodywear Underwear

Protective UnderwearLast year I wrote about a possible link between cell phone radiation and infertility … well, all your worries could be gone, if you try out this new underwear that purports to protect against cell phone radiation.
The briefs are made with threads of silver which the company claims blocks cell phone rays and reception. The inventor, Andreas Sallmann, explains that when you put a cell phone inside your briefs, then dial your number from another phone, you probably won’t even get a signal. Source:
Reading through the article, I found mention of other protective garb by other companies, such as Levi Strauss and anti-radiation lined pockets (but these were announced in 2002 and I haven’t seen anything about them … probably because if you put your phone in your pocket you couldn’t get any calls … kind of an oversight). Despite what Sallmann thinks, however, I usually use voice dialing and leave my phone in its holster, not in my underwear. :-)

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